October 14, 2017

List of Schools in Sargodha

1. St. Thomas Middle School

Chak 36, Sargodha.

2. Sargodha Catholic High School

University Road, Sarhodha.

3. St. John Bosco Middle School

Eidgah, Sargodha.

4. St. Theresa Middle School

Noori Gate, Sargodha.

5. St. Peter’s High School

Chak 79, Sargodha.

6. St. Anne’s Primary School


7. St. Philip’s Primary School

Chak 88, Sargodha.

8. St. Paul’s High School

University Road, Sargodha.

9. St. Padre Pio Middle School

Goozen Town, Sargodha.

10. Sargodha Institute of Technology

University Road, Sargodha.

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