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  • St Mary's Academy, Lalazar, Rawalpindi, Punjab


Objectives of D.B.E

  • To maintain and manage all present and future schools belonging to Roman Catholic Diocese of Islamabad/Rawalpindi and to educate its students on the right lines.
  • To promote and encourage the study of Science, Literature and Arts.
  • To devise means and measures and to take practical steps to improve the intellectual, moral, social and economic conditions of the residents of the locality in particular and the country in general.
  • To diffuse useful knowledge and counter illiteracy among the masses and with a view to achieving this object to establish reading rooms and libraries.
  • To create healthy spirit of social service among the people by organizing the scout movement.
  • To collect funds and subscriptions and to receive the donations and grants for any of the above purposes, aims and objects, and to disburse these funds for the same.

No. of Schools in the Diocese of Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Schools Owned by Diocese Run by Diocese = 33

Schools Owned by Diocese Run by Congregation = 14

Schools Owned by Congregation Run by Congregation = 13